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Communities in Western Belize Bolster Hurricane Preparedness with New Shelters

As the hurricane season looms, the villages of Santa Familia, Billy White, and Duck Run 3 have received a timely boost in their disaster preparedness efforts with the inauguration of new shelters. Santa Familia and Duck Run 3 welcomed newly constructed facilities, while Billy White's shelter underwent significant renovations to meet hurricane shelter standards. These initiatives mark a significant stride in enhancing community resilience against natural disasters.

The construction and renovation of these shelters are part of the "Building Climate Resilience and Social Integration of Displaced Peoples in Settlements of Western Belize Project." This endeavor is made possible through a collaboration between the Government of Belize (GOB) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), with generous funding amounting to US$2.6 million from the European Union.

The shelters not only serve as safe havens during extreme weather events but also symbolize a collective effort to fortify communities against the impacts of climate change. The newly constructed buildings in Santa Familia and Duck Run 3 are designed to withstand the rigors of severe weather conditions, providing residents with a reliable sanctuary during times of crisis. Meanwhile, the renovation of Billy White's shelter ensures that it meets the stringent standards necessary to offer adequate protection to its inhabitants.

Furthermore, construction is nearing completion for a polyclinic and a new hurricane shelter in the community of Duck Run 1. These forthcoming additions are poised to further bolster the region's resilience and augment its capacity to respond effectively to emergencies.


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