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Fish deaths in New River Prompts Warning to Guinea Grass Residents: No Fishing or Bathing

In response to concerning developments along the New River, authorities are urging residents of Guinea Grass to refrain from fishing or bathing in its waters, particularly within the vicinity of the New River Park. The cautionary measure comes amidst growing apprehension over the health of the river, which has been experiencing alarming degradation.

The New River, a vital waterway coursing through Guinea Grass, has long served as a lifeline for the local community, providing sustenance, recreation, and natural beauty. However, recent observations have revealed a troubling death of fish in the area, prompting authorities to issue this warning.

The New River Park, cherished by residents and visitors alike for its scenic charm and recreational uses, now stands as a point for heightened vigilance. Officials are advising against any activities that involve direct contact with the river, citing potential health hazards.

In the meantime, residents of Guinea Grass are encouraged to remain vigilant and adhere to precautionary advisories.

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