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Hope Haven Belize: Step up to Leadership!

Hope Haven Belize is set to host an interactive leadership seminar on Saturday, January 15th, which aims to empower youth to develop and advance their leadership skills and allow them to foster positivity within their lives.

Speaking with The Reporter, coach Briseidi Molina, the host of the seminar, detailed how she intends to achieve the seminar’s goals. “To create a positive environment, the ‘Step Up to Leadership!’ initiative was created,” she explained. “Hope Haven Belize introduces 12 interactive sessions that will empower teens to advance their leadership ability and ensure that each participant takes charge in all facets of their lives: at home, at their church, at school, at clubs, and sports teams.”

Molina added, “Teenagers who attend our training complete several processes throughout the sessions that challenge them on a range of skills like teamwork, focus, communication, and Self-Awareness. Youth will be able to think critically about their personal leadership styles and strengths, while also reflecting on the purpose of ‘leadership’ in their lives and in their communities. Understanding the process involved in leading oneself, and others, enables young people to be confident in their roles and to navigate their own path.”

These sessions are designed for teenagers 13-17 years old. It will be held in Hope Haven’s Domestic Outreach Center located near the Holy Cross Anglican Primary School at the entrance of the San Mateo area, San Pedro Town.

The first session commences on Saturday, January 15th, from 9:00 am - 11:00 am. All prospective participants are advised that COVID-19 protocols are to be adhered to during sessions.

For further information regarding the seminar, and how to register your child, you may contact coach Briseidi Molina at (+501) 629-9237 or message Hope Haven Belize via Instagram or Facebook at @hopehavenbelize.

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