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Prime Minister says he has ‘no confidence' in the ‘no-confidence’ motion

By Michelle Sutherland

Ahead of the tabling of the no-confidence motion against him at the next sitting of the House of Representatives, Prime Minister John Briceño has told The Reporter that he has ''no confidence'' in the motion, which seeks to unseat him as prime minister.

“Nothing [will come of it]. I think [the Leader of the Opposition] wants attention,” said Prime Minister Briceño. “It is twenty-six to maybe at best 3 [votes].”

The Prime Minister labeled the Leader of the Opposition (LOO)’s “no-confidence” motion as “foolishness.”

For the no-confidence motion to be successful, Barrow would have to gain the support of the majority of the members of the House of Representatives, including support from sitting PUP area representatives. If the motion succeeds, it would require that the prime minister resign and the House of Representatives be dissolved, potentially triggering a new General Election.

However, given the super majority controlled by the incumbent government, it is highly unlikely that the motion would carry.

Readers may recall that in February 2020, the then PUP Opposition, led by then Leader of the Opposition Hon. John Briceño, had filed a similar motion against former prime minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow.

At the time of being interviewed and asked how he expected to sway the support of UDP members, Briceño told the media that he “did not see that happening.”

Briceño then pointed out that the motion would, however, provide an avenue for Barrow to answer questions related to several allegations being brought against him at the time.

Those included the spending of over $1.5 billion dollars; the giving away of contracts to a particular contractor, as well as John Saldivar's status in the House of Representatives, even after admitting to soliciting funds from a known fraudster.

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