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96 Officers Become First-Time Land Owners

In an effort to enhance the welfare of Belize's law enforcement personnel, 96 police officers have been granted approvals to purchase land, marking their entry into the ranks of first-time landowners. This achievement is the result of a collaborative initiative spearheaded by the ministries of Home Affairs and Natural Resources, in conjunction with the Belize Police Association.

The presentation ceremony, which took place recently, was presided over by the Honorable Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries. Minister Musa, addressing the gathering, emphasized the government's unwavering commitment to improving the living standards and well-being of the country's police force.

The collaboration aims not only to empower officers through land ownership but also to strengthen community ties and foster a greater sense of belonging and stability among law enforcement personnel.

The opportunity to become landowners represents a significant step forward in the careers and personal lives of these officers, many of whom have dedicated years to upholding law and order across Belize. The initiative is part of broader efforts by the government to create avenues for sustainable growth and development.

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