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A Tribute to the Life of Tony Leslie

Anthony Luis Leslie was a self-made man. Born from humble beginnings he rose to become one of Belize’s outstanding businessmen. 

He established a thriving import business, and became a patron of sports, mostly football, and a pioneer of the tourist industry, providing a little pleasure island for tourists where they can frolic about in the warm Caribbean waters or snorkel in the crystalline sea observing marine life, or simply sunbathe on the white, sandy beach.

Amid his success, he never lost his humility and sense of humor, and he never allowed a drop of liquor to touch his lips.

But before all this, Tony was a journalist working for the Reporter newspaper. He was a good writer with a strong sense of public duty, and his writings reflected his balanced views, his patriotism, and his love of country.

Journalism in Belize however could not give him the kind of life he aspired to. So he left for the United States and worked there for several years. When he came home it was to establish Leslie’s Imports, a business now managed by his sons.

Tony, as he is popularly known, is survived by his wife of nearly 40 years, Florencia, popularly known as Alva, sons Anthony and Dion, and a whole new generation of Leslies.

 He died of cancer last week and will be buried on Wednesday, July 3 after a Memorial Mass at Fordyce Memorial Chapel at St. John’s College, his alma mater.

He will be greatly missed.

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