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Belize Announces New Route for Carnival Road March 2024

The Belize National Celebrations Commission (NCC) has unveiled a new route for the upcoming Belize City Carnival Road March, set for September 7, 2024. In a bid to elevate the experience for participants and spectators alike, the NCC, in collaboration with the Belize Carnival Association and local authorities, has decided on a new parade route.

This adjustment looks to solve logistical hurdles that have previously challenged the event. Following test runs with support from the Belize Police Department, a consensus was reached to shift the starting point near Memorial Park, and ending at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. The entirety of Digi Park will serve as the judging area.

"This new route not only addresses past logistical concerns but also promises a heightened carnival experience," remarked a spokesperson from the Belize National Celebrations Commission. The decision stemmed from a collaborative effort involving consultations with stakeholders, including the Belize Carnival Association, whose members overwhelmingly endorsed the proposed route.

Emphasizing safety and accessibility, the revised path guarantees smoother traffic management and increased visibility for spectators, enhancing overall engagement with the festivities. Ahead of the event, the NCC, in partnership with the Belize Police Department and Belize City Council, will roll out a public awareness campaign. This initiative aims to inform the public about safety protocols, community involvement opportunities, traffic directives, and guidelines concerning the sale and consumption of alcohol during the celebration.

All are invited to partake in this year's Carnival Road March under the theme "A Nation Proud and Free: Belize@43".

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