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Belize Braces for Tropical Weather Double Threat

As Belize continues to deal with prolonged rainfall from a lingering low-pressure system, a new threat is brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. Designated Potential Tropical Cyclone One, this system is expected to intensify into Tropical Storm Alberto, bringing heavy rain and potential flooding to parts of Central America, including Belize.

While the storm's strength may be limited due to its brief time over water, the risk of significant rainfall remains high. Belize, alongside neighboring Central American countries like Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, has already experienced substantial rain in recent days. While this rain is welcomed in some drought-affected areas, it could quickly overwhelm dry soils and lead to dangerous flooding.

The National Meteorological Service of Belize is closely monitoring the situation and advises residents to stay alert for updates and potential advisories. The storm's trajectory suggests that Belize could experience additional rainfall throughout the week, worsening already saturated conditions.

In addition to the Gulf storm, another tropical threat is emerging in the Atlantic, with a potential system forming near the Bahamas. While its development remains uncertain, it could impact southeastern US by the end of the week.

With Belize facing a double threat from both local and regional weather systems, residents are urged to remain vigilant and prepare for the possibility of heavy rain and flooding.


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