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Belize Government Bolsters Electricity Infrastructure with International Support

In a bid to stabilize Belize's grid and enhance its electricity infrastructure, the government has announced significant developments in renewable energy projects.

In a statement issued by the government’s Plan Belize campaign, it voiced concerns over the previous administration's alleged incompetence and lack of planning in addressing the nation's energy needs.

The statement confirmed that from 2013 to 2020, there was minimal expansion in the electric power supply, exacerbating the strain on the existing grid. To address this, the government has secured funding for a 60-megawatt solar plant, scheduled for completion by mid-2025. This project, coupled with a megawatt battery energy storage system expected to be operational by the end of 2025, aims to bolster the country's renewable energy capacity.

Furthermore, the government has embarked on initiatives to attract investment in additional solar energy projects. In a significant development, the Millennium Challenge Corporation has provided funding earmarked for electricity-related projects. These endeavors underscore the government's commitment to stabilizing the grid and reducing energy costs for Belizeans.


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