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Belize Observes International Day Against Drug Abuse

Today, as the world commemorates the 2024 International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (World Drug Day), the National Drug Abuse Control Council (NDACC) under the Ministry of Health and Wellness emphasizes the critical importance of investing in prevention. This year’s theme, “The Evidence is Clear: Invest in Prevention,” underscores the need for evidence-based action to create a Belize free from substance misuse.

Effective drug policies hinge on a comprehensive understanding of the social, economic, and health implications of substance use. The World Drug Day campaign highlights that prevention isn’t merely an option—it’s a fundamental requirement for building healthy and resilient communities.

The NDACC, operating under the Ministry of Health and Wellness, remains committed to preventing substance misuse through education, research, and community engagement. Their mission is to foster a nation where individuals and communities thrive, unburdened by the harmful effects of substance abuse.

Key initiatives by NDACC includes school-based programs. Comprehensive educational initiatives in schools equip youth with knowledge and decision-making skills. These programs feature interactive prevention sessions, peer education, and educator collaboration to integrate substance misuse prevention into the curriculum.

Working closely with community leaders and organizations, NDACC – MoHW creates environments that promote healthy lifestyles. Community programs offer support services, recreational activities, and public awareness campaigns to prevent substance misuse and enhance community resilience.

Recognizing parents’ pivotal role, NDACC – MoHW provides resources and training to help families effectively communicate about the dangers of substance misuse. Strong, supportive home environments play a crucial role in prevention.

Investment in research ensures ongoing refinement of prevention strategies. Evidence-based approaches adapt to the needs of Belizean communities, measuring the impact of prevention efforts.



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