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BTB Director: Shyne Barrow's performance no different from Miss Universe

The recent appearance of Leader of the Opposition Moses Shyne Barrow at the BET Awards will not impact any of the Belize Tourism Board's marketing efforts, the BTB's Director of Tourism Evan Tillett told The Reporter this week.

Tillett explained that the Board uses a strategic marketing model that is data-driven to inform where marketing efforts will give the best returns.

"The showcase and the putting Belize out there by the leader of the opposition, that is similar to what happens at the Miss Universe Pageant when Belize gets recognition," Tillett said. "The narrative for us is that it's business as usual and we will continue to do what we do because we know it works."

He said that Barrow's performance was good for Belize in the sense that all international exposure is good for Belize because it raises awareness, but it will not sway the BTB's marketing efforts one way or the other.

Tillett said that the BTB currently has marketing efforts geared towards not only the United States but Canada, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, and South America. He also noted that in 2020, Minister of Tourism and Diaspora Relations Anthony Mahler represented Belize at the World Expo in Dubai, which forms a part of BTB's marketing plan.

Barrow took the stage to perform his 200 single "Bad Boy" on Sunday, June 26, in honor of his former mentor Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. During his performance, the Belize flag was put on display. The aftermath of his performance, led many in the Belize public to praise the performance, while others criticized it..

Prime Minister John Briceño, who was out of the country at the time, told the media at a press briefing this week that he did not see Barrow's performance, but believes that Barrow has a better chance of reviving his rap career than he does becoming Prime Minister of Belize.

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