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Commissioner of Police’s Residence Targeted in Shooting Incident

Late on Tuesday night, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams confirmed reports that his residence in Belmopan had been targeted in a shooting incident.


Williams confirmed that his house in Belmopan was fired up while his son was at home. ”I am okay, and my son, who was at home, is also okay,” he stated.

Williams emphasized the seriousness of the attack, stating that the act was a clear example of why, as a society, the police can not go easy on criminals who believe they can run the streets and keep law-abiding citizens hostage with impunity.

The Commissioner vowed to keep the people of Belize safe, even if his own safety is at risk.

The incident has raised security concerns and underscores the challenges faced by law enforcement officials in Belize. Authorities are actively investigating the shooting, and additional security measures may be implemented to prevent further incidents.


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