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DFC Partners with Royal Mayan Shrimp Farm to Revitalize Belize’s Shrimp Industry

In a move aimed at fortifying Belize's shrimp farming industry, the Development Finance Corporation (DFC) has finalized a pivotal Shareholders Agreement and restructured a crucial loan with Royal Mayan Shrimp Farm Limited (RMSFL). This partnership underscores an effort to bolster sustainable aquaculture practices within the country.

The Shareholders Agreement, marking a milestone for both entities, signifies a collaborative endeavor to enhance the operational and financial stability of Royal Mayan Shrimp Farm. For the DFC, this agreement stands as a testament to its commitment to fulfilling its mandate through innovative investment strategies. Notably, this approach aligns with the DFC's new investment policy, leveraging equity solutions to support strategic investments, and integrates its Environmental and Social Management System to enhance the project's climate resilience.

Outlined within the agreement are mutual commitments and strategic objectives shared between DFC and Royal Mayan Shrimp Farm, aimed at fostering long-term growth and ensuring financial, environmental, and social sustainability within the aquaculture sector.

The restructuring of the loan and infusion of investment capital are strategically designed to provide Royal Mayan Shrimp Farm with the necessary financial flexibility to expand its operations and implement advanced aquaculture techniques.

This partnership sets a precedent for future partnerships aimed at driving economic growth while promoting sustainable practices in Belize's aquaculture industry.

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