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Hurricane Beryl weakens a little but remains a threat to the Caribbean

Hurricane Beryl, the first major hurricane of the 2024 season, has slightly weakened to a Category 3 storm but remains a significant threat as it approaches the Caribbean. The hurricane’s eye is currently located south-southeast of Barbados, and its projected path includes Belize, raising concerns for the country.

As of early Monday morning, Beryl is packing sustained winds of 120 mph and is expected to maintain its major hurricane status as it moves through the Caribbean Sea. The storm is forecast to bring life-threatening winds, storm surges, and heavy rainfall to several Caribbean islands, including Barbados and the Windward Islands.

Belize, along with Jamaica and parts of Mexico, falls within Beryl’s cone of uncertainty, meaning the storm’s exact path remains uncertain. Residents in these areas are urged to monitor the storm’s progress closely and prepare for potential impacts.

Beryl’s formation in the eastern tropical Atlantic in late June is considered unusual, with few historical precedents for storms developing in this region so early in the year. Forecasters are closely monitoring the storm’s development and trajectory.

While Beryl is not expected to impact South Florida, its potential impact on Belize and other Caribbean nations is a cause for concern. Residents are advised to stay informed about the storm’s progress and follow any guidance or warnings issued by authorities.

The 2024 hurricane season has already seen the formation of Tropical Storm Chris, which is currently moving inland over Mexico. Additionally, forecasters are monitoring a tropical wave in the eastern Atlantic that could develop into a tropical depression by midweek.


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