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Mrs. Clarita Pech Appointed Acting Clerk of the National Assembly

Following the retirement of longstanding Clerk of the National Assembly, Mr. Eddie Webster, the people’s house has a new acting clerk.

Taking helm is Mrs. Clarita Pech. The official instrument of appointment was handed over today by the Governor General, Dame Froyla Tzalam, to Hon. Valerie Woods, Speaker of the House of Representatives and Chair of the National Assembly Staff Committee.

According to the provisions of the National Assembly Staff Act, No. 1 of 2000, the appointment of the Clerk and Deputy Clerk falls under the purview of the Governor-General, in consultation with the National Assembly Staff Committee. The Committee, upon acknowledging Mr. Webster's resignation, deliberated on the appointment to ensure the seamless continuation of the Assembly's operations, ultimately recommending Mrs. Pech for the role of Acting Clerk.

Mrs. Clarita Pech brings with her a wealth of experience, having served at the National Assembly for 25 years, including nearly 15 years as Deputy Clerk. Her tenure has been marked by instances of acting as Clerk during previous vacancies, demonstrating her capability and familiarity with parliamentary processes and administration. Mrs. Pech holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Sector Management from the University of Belize and has supplemented her expertise with certificate courses from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association's virtual academy.

In her new capacity, Mrs. Pech assumes the critical responsibilities of the Clerk and Accounting Officer for the National Assembly, overseeing the offices of the Contractor General, the Ombudsman, and the Integrity Commission. Her appointment, effective July 1st, 2024, reflects the Committee's confidence in her ability to manage the Assembly's affairs diligently.

Hon. Valerie Woods expressed gratitude for Mr. Eddie Webster's 14 years of service and extended well wishes for his future endeavors. She emphasized the Committee's endorsement of Mrs. Pech, stating, "We look forward to working with her in this capacity, leveraging her extensive knowledge and experience in parliamentary procedures and administration."

Eddie Webster was the longest-serving Clerk of the National Assembly in Belize's history, clocking 14 years in the role. He was instrumental in advancing technological initiatives such as live streaming House meetings on YouTube, enhancing transparency and public access to parliamentary proceedings.

Mrs. Clarita Pech's appointment as Acting Clerk sets the stage for continued effective governance and operational continuity within the National Assembly of Belize.

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