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New COVID rules take effect

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

The new COVID-19 regulations (SI No. 92 of 2021) came into effective today and has brought about notable changes to the operation of casinos, restaurants, the sale of liquor and has expanded the definition of frontline workers, who are required to undergo COVID-19 vaccinations or present a negative PCR test every two weeks to their employers.

The latest SI has expanded the list of frontline personnel to include, officers of public utility services, employees of a BPO, officers, and staff of the Department of Civil Aviation, employees of security companies, employees of the Belize Post Office, and any person who works or is employed at any port.

Furthermore, the S.I. has also cracked down on restaurants operating within the Belize District by mandating that they are only to operate at 50% capacity for outdoor dining only. Restaurants, which have proper ventilation, or open-air, which are operating outside of the Belize District are only to operate at a 75% capacity and only by reservations.

Additionally, the sale of liquor has been banned countrywide between the hours of 6:00 p.m to 4:00 a.m. this however does not include those that are operating within the scope of a restaurant license.

S.I. No. 92 also mandates that casino workers be vaccinated. The establishment will also only be allowing fully vaccinated patrons inside their premises and only at a 50% capacity.

As COVID infection rates continue to surge countrywide, wakes and repass have been outlawed. Only 10 immediate family members along with an officiant and a mortuary staff will be allowed to attend a funeral. Funerals can only be held at a cemetery and the service is not allowed to proceed for more than an hour.

SI 92 is the latest move by the government to curb the ongoing outbreak in Belize as it navigates through a 3rd wave.

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