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No vehicle over 22,000lbs on Haulover Bridge: Ministry of Insfrastructure

As of next Monday, January 9th, 2023, no vehicle with a gross weight of 22,000 pounds or more shall be allowed to use the Haulover Bridge, the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Housing announced today via press release.

The ministry's restrictions are specifically aimed at vehicles used for commercial or construction purposes and include heavy equipment.

The vehicle load restrictions come as a result of the attempt to reduce the rate of deterioration of the existing bridge deck which, according to the Ministry, is already beyond its design service life. To assist with the implementation of the new safety measures, transport officers will be on-site to offer guidance to those who are unsure of the weight of their vehicles for a period of approximately one week. Thereafter, violators may be ticketed.

Effective Monday, the prohibition is to be applied to vehicles such as loaded dump trucks, beverage trucks, dual rear-axle furniture trucks, dual rear-axle high-sided trucks, cement trucks, tow trucks, container, and double container trucks, multi-axle military trucks, tow trucks with any oversized loads, and trailers with heavy machinery.

Additionally, all vehicles with three or more axles (one front and two rear axles) are not permitted. In an exception to the ban, passenger buses with valid Department of Transport permit routes may make use of the bridge. It is encouraged that all vehicles not permitted to use the bridge, reroute to John Smith Road instead.

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