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Political third parties team up for People’s Constitution Commission

The Belize People's Front (BPF) and the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) have formed an alliance for the purpose of participating in the People’s Constitutional Commission.

The Government of Belize offered one seat on the Commission to the third parties, who took the opportunity to form a joint committee to come up with proposed amendments to the constitution. BPF's Nancy Marin informed that the committee decided that she will represent the group, with the BPP's George Myvett serving as the alternate.

BPP Party Leader Wil Maheia said that the collaboration between the third parties underscores the seriousness on their part in making meaningful changes to the Constitution. Maheia also appealed to all Belizeans to be active and in tune with the process.

"It is a historic move achieved by the BPF and BPP to be included. We will work collaboratively on the newly formed constitutional reform task force. As the task force reaches out for inclusive participation, we look towards having a substantive input for the democratic reform ideas of the progressive movement sector of the Belizean public," Maheia said.

Marin described the alliance as "historic" and stressed that participatory democracy could be used to supplement and or complement representational democracy, noting that if both are to coexist, a cultural shift in the area of governance needs to take place.

"This remains a major challenge in Belize. This step, however, shows a positive move toward transparency and accountability. We will keep fighting for more seats and more meaningful participation," Marin said.

Prime Minister John Briceño announced the formation of the Commission during his 2021 Independence Day speech. According to the People’s Constitutional Commission Bill 2021, the Commission will be active for 18 months.

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