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UBAD Educational Foundation launches photography summer camp for kids

The UBAD Educational Foundation (UEF) has returned to hosting face-to-face summer activities for children with its latest initiative, the Cliff Augustine Youth Photography Summer Camp.

The initiative, which caters to inner-city children between the ages of eight and 12 years old, teaches participants the fundamentals of photography, through the use of Kodak professional black and white cameras.

Menyelek Marin Coleman, the facilitator of the summer camp, said that one of the major goals of the initiative is to open the minds of the youths to how fun photography can be, but also to show them the income earning potential.

He noted that photography can be a powerful tool in the ongoing battle against crime and violence, by providing children with a positive outlet.

“I know violence is a big thing in Belize. I want kids to shoot cameras and not guns,” Marin Coleman said. “You can look at a camera the same you look at a gun in these streets.”

YaYa Marin Coleman, Head of the UEF, said that the next step of the program will be to have the children’s pictures developed and displayed in an art gallery, where the images will be sold.

She went on to say that this camp marks the launch of the photography summer camp as an annual initiative, which is being supported by the family of the late Cliff Augustine and a number of volunteers who support the program.

YaYa and Menyelek say they share a vision where Belize can be seen as a space where companies abroad can outsource creative jobs such as video editing and content creating, in a similar fashion to the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector.

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