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UNFPA Training Addresses Adolescent Pregnancy in Belize

On June 18th, 2024, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), in collaboration with the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, conducted a Training of Trainers ceremony aimed at reducing adolescent pregnancy in Belize. This initiative is part of the regional project "Leave No One Behind: Reduction of Adolescent Pregnancy," which focuses on educating and empowering young people.

The training program, titled "Participation and Empowerment of Adolescents and Young People of African Descent, Creole, and Garifunas," spanned from January to February 2024. It engaged two cohorts of young individuals and youth activists through both synchronous and asynchronous training methods. The curriculum was tailored to cover crucial topics such as intersectionality, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), human rights, and gender equity. The ultimate goal was to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to replicate these trainings in their own communities.

A pivotal one-day workshop held on June 15th followed the training sessions. Here, participants synthesized their learning and discussed how cultural and social dynamics influence the reception of information in their communities. Working in district-based groups, they developed action plans specific to their local contexts, aiming to extend the program's reach to other young people in need of this vital knowledge.

Mackeva Westby Neal, Officer in Charge (OIC), emphasized the importance of investing in youth, highlighting that empowering young voices fosters positive change within homes and communities.

The workshop concluded with a certification ceremony, recognizing participants for their dedication to driving impactful change within their communities through their district-specific action plans.


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