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Belize Adventist College Inaugurates Agriculture and Agro-Processing Unit in Calcutta Village

Students from Calcutta Village in Corozal are rolling up their sleeves and reaping the fruits of their labor as the Belize Adventist College officially inaugurated its very first Agriculture and Agro-Processing Unit.

The Agro-Processing Unit, nestled within the school compound, boasts innovative technology that students utilize for food production. Elizabeth Cima, the Agriculture teacher, shared that the initiative stemmed from the students’ motivation to develop the agriculture course at the high school.

Through the Agro-Business course and hands-on experience in the field, students have created several products for sale, including watermelon, chili peppers, cabbage, and onions. The college’s long-term plan also involves planting oranges, limes, and pineapples. Some of the produce will undergo agro-processing, packaging, and marketing, empowering students to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

At the inauguration ceremony, the Belize Adventist College received a generous $5,000 donation from Corozal South East Area Representative, Florencio Marin Jr.

The Ministry of Investment, in collaboration with its Investment Policy and Compliance Unit, partnered with the Corozal Think Tank to implement a project titled, “Training of Students in Crop Cultivation and Processing at the Belize Adventist College in Calcutta Village, Corozal District.” The project aims to diversify export-led economic activity in the district by enhancing skills and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among the school’s agriculture and agro-processing students. This inaugural event marks the beginning of the school’s ambitious five-year plan for crop cultivation and processing.

Under this project, the college constructed a nursery to produce pathogen-free vegetable seedlings, acquired drip irrigation equipment and revitalized the agro-processing unit. The first batch of products grown and processed included cabbages, onions, watermelon, and chili peppers. Visitors at the event had the opportunity to sample watermelon juices, dried peppers, and pepper sauces—all crafted by the students. Additionally, they witnessed the growth of alfalfa and pak choi microgreens in the nursery.  

This significant achievement was made possible through funding from the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development, and Investment.


The launch event saw the presence of Hon. Florencio Marin Jr., Area Representative of Corozal South East; Mrs. Thea Garcia-Ramirez, Chair of the Corozal Think Tank; and Pastor Marshall Tzib, President of the Belize North Adventist Mission. Mr. Lincoln Blake, Director of the Investment Policy and Compliance Unit, represented the Chief Executive Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister and Investment.


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