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Belize Participates in Lima Meeting to Improve Ammo Safety

Ms. Sharole Carr, the Chief Executive Officer of Belize’s Ministry of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries, represented Belize at the "Informal Meeting on the Global Framework for Through-life Conventional Ammunition Management in Latin America and the Caribbean" in Lima, Peru, held from May 20 to 22. The goal was to discuss ways to put into action the Global Framework, which seeks to enhance the safety and security of conventional ammunition in the region.

The Global Framework for Through-life Conventional Ammunition Management, consisting of 15 objectives, aims to fill the gaps in conventional ammunition management recognized by the United Nations. It outlines various measures to ensure the safe, secure, and sustainable management of ammunition throughout its lifecycle. Key among its objectives is the promotion and enhancement of international standards, guidelines, and best practices for managing ammunition safely and securely.

During the sessions, CEO Carr shared Belize's efforts in line with the key objectives of the Global Framework. She highlighted Belize's strides in bolstering the management and security of firearms and ammunition through strategic initiatives. These initiatives include modernizing operations of the Firearm and Ammunition Control Board, updating legislation, policies, and procedures, setting stringent national standards, implementing risk reduction processes, and fostering inter-agency collaboration to prevent ammunition diversion and misuse.

Reflecting on the meeting, CEO Carr emphasized the significance of regional cooperation in tackling the complex challenges of conventional ammunition management. She reiterated Belize's commitment to upholding high standards in this realm and contributing to regional security and stability.

Moreover, Carr’s appointment as the first female CEO of the Ministry, overseeing the Belize Police Department and chairing the Firearms and Ammunition Control Board, underscores Belize's dedication to integrating gender perspectives into ammunition management practices. This move aims to strengthen gender mainstreaming and encourage women's involvement in the field, essential for achieving overall security objectives.

The Ministry of Home Affairs plays a crucial role in fortifying Belize's security framework and collaborating with regional partners to achieve common goals in ammunition management. Belize's ongoing efforts align with international standards and bolster regional security through effective ammunition management practices.

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