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Belize to benefit from the Latin America and Caribbean Space Agency

Prime Minister John Briceño announced on May 6, 2024, that Belize has officially joined the ranks of the first 25 countries to participate in the Latin America and Caribbean Space Agency.

"I had the privilege of signing the agreement alongside Mr. Gustavo Cabrera Rodriguez, Representative of #ALCE of the Mexican Foreign Ministry," explained the Prime Minister.

This regional information technology institution aims to enhance satellite communication, thereby accelerating digital transformation capabilities and technology infrastructure to address development needs, he added.

The #ALCE technology also holds promise in bolstering the region's blue economies, as well as advancements in science and technology overall.

"I am particularly pleased that satellite imagery will enable us to detect deforestation caused by Guatemalan incursions in our protected areas along the Belize-Guatemala border, safeguarding our extensive Maya archaeological sites," expressed the Prime Minister.

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