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Belizean officials to observe upcoming elections in Venezuela

Members of Belize’s Election and Boundaries Commission (“The Commission”) will serve as observers in the upcoming November 21st Regional and Municipal Elections to be held in Venezuela on Sunday, November 21, a government release announced today.

According to the release, the delegation is a three-person team, who, in addition to serving as observers, will also participate “in the International Electoral Oversight Plan for the National Electoral Council (CNE).”

The Belizean team of observers, who will be in Venezuela for six days starting from November 17, shall join the other overseers, as the upcoming elections already has confirmed participation from more than more than 70 European observers, who have already arrived in the country.

The non-profit organization CEPAZ reported on their official website that the upcoming election is the first in 15 years that Venezuela will hold an election in the “presence of reliable international observers.”

According to CEPAZ, “The [observers’] mission will be able to follow the electoral preparations, the electoral campaign and the electoral event until the announcement of the official results. In addition, it may be deployed throughout the national territory prior notification to the CNE and will have free access to candidates, political parties and electoral officials. Likewise, they may publicly share their assessment of the electoral process and make their recommendations at the time they deem appropriate.”

Additionally, in October, the United Nations (UN) Secretariat also informed that they would be sending a three-person team of experts to Venezuela for the November 21st elections.

The Venezuelan citizens are expected to vote for 23 governors and more than 300 mayors, as well as members of the Legislative and Municipal councils.

Notably, the country’s main opposition party, which had previously boycotted the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2018 and 2020, are expected to participate in the November elections.

The Commission’s release concluded by expressing “appreciation to the President of the National Electoral Council of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for the warm invitation to participate in their electoral process.”

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