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CDC warns against travelling to Belize

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the US State Department have raised their travel alert levels for Belize to Level 4, due to the “risk of spreading COVID- variants.”

On Monday, the CDC informed that Belize was placed at level 4(highest level) due to a “high level” of COVID-19 infections and warned visitors “to avoid traveling” to the destination. The CDC further advised tourists that if they must travel to Belize, they should ensure that they are fully vaccinated.

But even as the CDC is recommending full vaccination for travelers, they also pointed out that because of the current situation that the country currently finds itself in even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk of getting infected and even spreading the virus.

Therefore they are asking travelers to follow recommendations or requirements that have been put in place in Belize such as the wearing of a mask and practicing social distance.

The CDC assesses COVID-19 risk based on each destination’s new cases and new cases trajectory. In Belize, those numbers have been continuously climbing for the past couple of weeks, putting health experts on edge.

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