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COMPOL: Some police officers were involved in latest drug-plane landing

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Police officers were involved the latest drug-plane landing, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams confirmed Friday morning.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams speaking at press conference on Friday, November 5, 2021

“While we do celebrate the fact that we were able to intercept this load, there is also the disappointment to have found out that police officers are involved,” Williams lamented. His comments follow the findings of police investigations that have confirmed the complicity of members of his own department

In a brief press release, Williams confirmed that the drug bust not only recovered drugs and weapons but it also revealed that one of the recovered vehicles from the scene belonged to a police official of the operations office in Belmopan.

While the commissioner was quick to express his disappointment over the findings of the successful drug bust, he was also swift in condemning the accused officers for their involvement in drug trafficking. “I want to assure the public that I am going to leave no stone unturned to make sure that those police officers that are implicated … are dealt with to the full extent of the law. We are not going to cover up or condone their behavior. They put themselves in a certain position, they will face the consequences of their action,” Williams avowed.

Reports are that present at the landing site in the southern village of Bladden, Toledo, was an estimate of 15 armed men surrounding the air craft. A responding mobile of four police officers came under heavy fire, but managed to hold their ground.

The commissioner along with one of his senior deputies in charge of operations in the south, Alford Grinage, coordinated the checkpoint which intercepted a pick-up truck which was seen leaving the scene. Found in the vehicle were 25 bales of suspected drug substance and five high-powered assault rifles accompanied with 17 magazines containing a total of approximately 510 bullets collectively. One of the firearms has been confirmed to be property of a police precinct in the San Jose Succotz Village. Police are still investigating the extent of involvement in this case and are also processing the suspicious substance recovered.

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