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COVID Vaccines Now Mandatory For Public Officers

An internal memo, dated November 15th, from the office of the Ministry of Public Service, Constitutional and Political Reform has informed that effective 15th December 2021, all public officers and essential workers are being subjected to mandatory vaccination.

Minister responsible for the Ministry of Public Service, Constitutional and Political Reform Henry Charles Usher confirmed to the Reporter that the memo and its contents are legitimate. Usher told us, “The Public Service Union was consulted by the CEO. The objective is to continue to get the vaccine levels higher. Citizen safety is the primary objective, the health and wellness of all Belizeans are always at the forefront.”

The memo, stated, “All public officers must show proof that they have been vaccinated; either fully or first shot only.” The memo then went on to advise the public officers and essential workers that the option to present a Rapid Test or a PCR test will no longer be accepted.

It then went on to warn public officers that that failure to present a vaccination card by 14th December 2021 will result in them being denied access to their officer or workplace. Furthermore, the officer can be marked absent from his/her worksite and will be subjected to disciplinary proceedings if they fail to adhere to these newest measures. The memo opened by advising those affected that the new regulations are “for the safety of all public officers and the public we serve.”

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