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Developer David Gegg Claims Solicitation for Campaign Funds Before Senate Committee

Updated: May 11

Portico developer David Gegg testified before the Senate Special Select Committee this week, making explosive allegations about being solicited for campaign financing by undisclosed political figures.

Gegg asserted that several UDP ministers were aware of the Portico Definitive Agreement before its official signing, hinting at a deeper political involvement in the approval processes.

During his testimony, Gegg described receiving a cryptic message in September 2020, following a meeting that supposedly secured environmental clearance for his project. "I received a message, and I interpreted that message as saying to me that the environmental documentation approved on August 28 would not be concluded in the absence of a significant campaign contribution,” he recounted to the committee.

Despite intense questioning from Senator Bevington Cal, Gegg remained tight-lipped about the identities involved, nor would he disclose the exact amount requested, although he indicated it was a seven-figure sum. He further lamented the handling of his project's environmental clearance, especially after an additional meeting on October 15. "My analysis, by then, they knew nothing was in the pipeline, and they were hoping for something smaller. And they didn’t get that either," Gegg declared, suggesting that the failure to conclude his environmental clearance should resolve any doubts about the affair.

In addition to these allegations, Gegg mentioned meetings with notable figures including Tracy Panton and former Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who he claims directed the drafting of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This document was later signed by Erwin Contreras and John Saldivar, indicating their potential involvement. Gegg hinted at possessing multiple pieces of correspondence and other evidence to support his claims, though details were not provided during the hearing.

This testimony opens up a series of questions about the integrity of campaign financing and the transparency of environmental approvals in the region. The committee is expected to further investigate these claims in upcoming sessions.

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