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“Dia De La Raza”: New Public and Bank Holiday in Belize

Belizeans have a new holiday on the calendar for 2022!

According to standard annual Public and Bank Holiday notice that is Gazetted and signed by the Minister of Home Affairs, “El Dia de La Raza”, observed on Monday, October 10th, 2022, has taken the place of the Pan-American Day, which itself had replaced the controversial “Columbus Day”.

“El Dia de la Raza” (which translates Day of the Race) stems from Hispanic cultures wishing to distinguish their indigenous race, as the first people of North America. The day is observed in other Spanish-speaking countries such as Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, and El Salvador. Some countries also celebrate the day under a slightly different set of names and times in the year. For instance, Argentina observes the day in October and refers to it as “Day of Respect and Cultural Diversity.”

In Belize’s holiday schedule, other fairly new additions are “African Emancipation Day” and “George Price Day”. One notably change is the removal of “Commonwealth Day”.

“National Heroes and Benefactors Day” will be observed on March 7th, in lieu of Wednesday March 9th; “Labour Day” will be observed on May 2nd, in lieu of Sunday May 1st; and “El Dia de la Raza” will be observed on October 10th, in lieu of Wednesday October 12th.

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