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Faber resigns as L.O.O. and UDP leader

At 4:00 p.m today January 24th, the Leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Hon Patrick Faber, issued a pre-recorded statement confirming that he is stepping down as Leader of the Opposition in the House of Representatives and the UDP's leader.

In his statement, Faber confirmed that both of his resignations will become effective on January 31st, 2022.

Faber said, ''While I maintain that the information circulating about matters with Dr. Shanikka Arnold is not the facts, the ills that come with the allegations are simply too much of a burden for me to place on the shoulders of our beloved party and its faithful membership.''

He went on to say that his decision to let go of the two senior posts was so that he could focus his attention on his fiancée, and to assist her this time of need. Faber assured that while doing so he will also work on himself to ensure that in future times he can continue to be an advocate for Belizean Development.

Faber, in announcing his resignation, said that he was doing so with a heavy heart and thanked all those who supported him in his journey, inclusive of his family, constituency, colleagues, shadow cabinet, the central executive of the party, and all UDP supporters.

Faber's resignation comes on the heels of several requests for his removal, including that of his own party Chairman Micheal Peyrefitte and other senior members.

The latest blow to Faber's political career is as a result of a domestic dispute allegation that was filed by his fiancée, Dr. Shanikka Arnold, last Wednesday. Arnold alleged that he had assaulted her at their home in Lords Bank Village. Arnold, at the time, had requested court action but returned two days later to withdraw all charges against Faber at his court hearing on Friday in the Belize City Magistrate Court.

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