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Foreign, better-paid judges hired

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

The Government of Belize has hired ten new judges and magistrates, with most of the new additions reportedly being foreigners, despite many applications from locally qualified candidates.

The new hires are intended to help fill the shortage currently being experienced in the country. However, sources within the judiciary tell The Reporter that most of foreign judges and magistrates are being paid more than their Belizean colleagues.

The Reporter is informed that despite there having been multiple applications from Belizeans with adequate qualifications and experience for both posts, the Solicitor General has signed off on the new staff and salaries.

In the case of the magistrates, six persons are being hired. Two are Belizeans, three are Jamaicans and another is from Trinidad and Tobago. In the case of the judges, all four are foreigners.

Reporter will provide more details in its weekly issue.

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