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IFAD Mission in Belize Promotes Agricultural Resilience

The Government of Belize, in collaboration with the International Fund for Agriculture and Development (IFAD), celebrated the successful completion of an evaluation mission aimed at enhancing agricultural resilience in the country.

Led by Mr. Kouessi Maximin Kodjo, the IFAD team conducted a comprehensive study in Belize from May 7 to 24, alongside local consultants Ms. Madison Rose, Ms. Deima Sanchez, and Mr. Gomer Enriquez. The mission focused on evaluating projects implemented by Resilient Rural Belize (RRB) and its partners, ensuring adherence to IFAD quality standards.

Utilizing semi-structured interviews, the team engaged with various stakeholders, including country teams, partners, agencies, project staff, and beneficiaries across all six districts of Belize. These interactions provided valuable insights into project achievements and the socio-economic and climatic challenges faced by Belize and other Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

The RRB Programme, supported by a US$20 million loan and grant financing package from IFAD, the Green Climate Fund, and the Belizean government, aims to bolster the resilience of rural small farmers against climatic and economic shocks. This initiative, managed by the Ministry of Economic Development, plays a pivotal role in safeguarding Belize's agricultural sector, a cornerstone of the nation's economy.

With the mission's objectives fully met, Belize moves closer to its goal of fostering agricultural resilience and sustainable development, thanks to the collaborative efforts of IFAD and local partners.

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