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Minister Addresses Media Concerns Over Proposed Criminal Investigation Safeguards

Minister of Home Affairs Kareem Musa responded to mounting concerns from media houses regarding proposed legislative amendments aimed at criminalizing the unauthorized publication, dissemination, or disclosure of materials related to ongoing criminal investigations. The amendments seek to protect the integrity of investigations and ensure the safety of witnesses.

In addressing these concerns, Minister Musa acknowledged the delicate balance between safeguarding information crucial to investigations and respecting the media’s role in public discourse. He highlighted instances where sensitive videos and materials have been prematurely circulated, potentially compromising the investigative process.

"Often, videos are released even before reaching the police station. Therefore, during the investigation of a case, if a video or material has already been circulating, investigators may need to classify it as part of a criminal investigation," Musa explained. He emphasized the necessity of crafting legislation that does not impede media access to public information while safeguarding the integrity of evidence and protecting victims and witnesses.

While no specific timeline has been provided for the introduction of this legislation, the press will retain the right to consultation once the bill is tabled in the House of Representatives.

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