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Ministry of New Growth Industries Reactivates Hemp Industry Oversight Committee to Drive Sector Development

In a move towards bolstering Belize's hemp industry, the Ministry of New Growth Industries convened the Hemp Industry Oversight Committee today to address pivotal developments in the sector. The Committee's discussions revolved around crucial aspects such as agency roles in monitoring hemp progress, legislative considerations, and the review of a hemp research application. Of particular importance was the formulation of policies governing hemp research approvals and investments within Belize.

Hemp, scientifically classified as Cannabis sativa, holds a rich history of global utilization. Originating in Eastern Asia, this versatile plant has garnered widespread cultivation for its industrial fiber, seed oils, medicinal properties, and more. With recognized health benefits dating back centuries, modern research continues to unveil its potential in addressing various health conditions through compounds within the cannabinoid pathway.

Today's Committee meeting signifies a significant stride towards fortifying Belize's hemp research and development framework. Led by the Ministry of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries, and in collaboration with relevant ministries and stakeholders, Belize is poised to establish a conducive environment for scientific exploration and investment in this promising sector by streamlining application procedures and regulations.

Moreover, this initiative bolsters the New Growth Industries portfolio, strategically positioning Belize for forthcoming marketing endeavors and investment prospects.

In attendance at today's Committee meeting were key figures including Ms. Sharole Carr, Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries; Mr. Hugh O’Brien, Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture; Mrs. Zoe Roberson-Zetina, Managing Director of the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA); Mr. Lincoln Blake, Director of the Investment Policy & Compliance Unit at the Ministry of Investment; Ms. Ginéé Neal, Staff Officer and Lead for New Growth Industries Unit within the Ministry of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries; Mr. Francisco Gutierrez, Director of Plant Health at BAHA; and Mr. Frantz Smith, Investment Policy Officer at the Ministry of Investment.

The Committee's proactive stance underscores Belize's commitment to harnessing the potential of the hemp industry for sustainable growth and development.


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