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New LOO makes Senate shuffle

Mesopotamia Area Representative Hon. Moses “Shyne’ Barrow has only been installed as Leader of the Opposition for a couple of days but has already commenced his move for the removal of Senator Khalid Belisle and replacing him with attorney Darrel Bradley.

On Monday, June 28, Barrow wrote the new Governor-General Froyal Tzalam, quoting, ” I write to you on this occasion in accordance with Part VI section 64(2)(e) of the Belize Constitution to advise Her Excellency to declare the seat of Senator Khalid Belisle Vacant.”

The letter from Barrow then went on to say that he nominated Darrel Bradley to fill the vacant post. Barrow told the Reporter, “Congratulations to Senator Bradley on his appointment. I look forward to your contributions in the Senate on behalf of the Belizean people as well as your contributions to the rebuilding efforts of our beloved UDP.” He then went on to thank Belisle for his service in the Senate.

As we had reported last week, Bradley was interested in the post of Party Leader, but because he was neither a member of Parliament nor the Senate he was not qualified for the post. It was also reported that the only way that Bradley could get into the race was if he was nominated as Senator.

Since last week we had been hearing of a move afoot to remove Belisle and replace him with Bradley, which was later confirmed last week Friday during a press conference held by the UDP Party Leader Hon Patrick Faber.

Of note is that Belisle is reportedly a close ally of Faber and was nominated by him last month to replace Senator Aldo Salazar.

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