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Popular taxi driver

A family from Georgeville Village in the Cayo District is mourning the death of their patriarch and his stepson who both died in a tragic traffic accident last week Friday night near the entrance of the Village.

The deceased, identified as popular taxi driver Lionel “Chabo” Chavarria, 44, reportedly died on impact when a white Ford 150 pickup-truck crashed into his small car. Traveling with Chavarria were his two stepsons Charles Jones, 23, and Ian Staine, who sustained multiple injuries to their head and body. Police say that both persons were rushed to the San Ignacio Community Hospital where Jones later succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment.

One family member, identifying himself as Dennis Rowley, opted to speak with the media. He explained, “Everybody is very sad right now; it’s a big loss for the family, it is very traumatizing, I am very emotional. As far as I know, they went to Esperaza village to drop off somebody and they were parked on the side of the road same time the vehicle came along and crashed into the car. The car was totally destroyed. I heard that the pickup was overtaking a vehicle, but at the same time another vehicle was coming on the other side of the road but looked like he didn’t want to crash into the truck so he went directly into my cousin’s car.”

Myvett confirmed that Mario Aldana, the driver the Ford 150 pickup truck that collided with Chavarria’s vehicle, has been charged with two counts of manslaughter by negligence, two counts of causing death by careless conduct, one count of negligent wounding, driving without due care and attention, and driving without a driver’s permit and failure to provide a specimen.

Aftermath of acccident near Georgeville.

Aftermath of Georgeville accident.

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