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Prison diary contradicts ComPol

A copy of the Police Diary from the southern Independence station, which was made public, revealed that Assistant Commissioner of Police Marco Vidal had indeed released his nephew’s wife contrary to the statement made by Police Commissioner, Chester Williams.

On Monday, November 8th, ComPol Williams was asked in an interview if there was any truth to the reports that Vidal traveled to the Independence branch to release Epifania Caliz from custody. Notably, Caliz is the common-law wife of Vidal’s nephew, Elmer Nah. Williams denied the allegations and summed it up as nothing but mischievous rumors created by people political agendas.

Caliz was detained with her common-law husband and her brother PC Manuel Caliz, however, her time behind bars was brief. Multiple sources have confirmed that ACP Vidal did in fact release Caliz from the Independence Police Station and that the police diary documented the time of release to be around 11:55 pm.

While Williams to was quick to dismiss the allegations, he failed to mention that it was with his permission that ACP Vidal was allowed to release Caliz. The basis of her release was that it was clear to the Commissioner that she was in no way involved, being that she was reportedly on vacation with her child, brother, and common-law husband. Alledgely, it is on this basis that Vidal received the green light to clear his nephew’s wife.

In an interview on Uncut, Williams denied that he lied in his previous statements and blamed the interviewer for asking the wrong question. In the ComPol’s rebuttal, he mentioned, “Mr Vasquez, You need to teach your reporter to ask questions like how you would ask questions. She is inexperienced and she needs to learn more because she never asked the proper question.”

Williams went on to justify his decision to release Caliz and explained that Vidal was only present at the station to pick up his nephew’s wife. The detained members of Vidal’s strike team have been charged with Drug Trafficking and Landing a Plane at an unlicensed aerodrome. Additional charges are expected to be levied for kept ammunition with out a gun license.

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