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Robbers Murder Security Guard for His Firearm

By Michelle Sutherland

A soon-to-retire, 57-year-old on-duty security guard was fatally shot last Friday when two assailants robbed him of his service firearm.

The robbery and homicide was caught on a since widely circulated video, and it shows A and J Security Company employee Lionel Olivera Sr. uniformed at his post, when two men snuck up on the elderly man and shot him as he sat down in front of Cayo One-Stop Hardware, situated on the George Price Highway in Santa Elena Town around 10:55 pm on April 23. As Olivera fell to the ground the shooter fired several more shots, one of which met its mark on Olivera’s left shoulder and later led to his death.

On Monday, April 26, ACP Joseph Myvett of the National Crimes Investigation Branch confirmed to the media that it appears that the robbers had attacked Olivera with the intent to steal his 9mm Smith and Wesson firearm, which was the property of his employers.

While Myvett confirmed that Olivera’s firearm was missing, Oliviera’s son Major Lionel Olivera Jr., who is the force legal officer in the BDF, told the Reporter that his father’s wallet, cellphone, and other personal belongings were still in his pocket when he was found. Olivera Jr. further shared with the Reporter that it appears that the robbers were familiar with his father’s routine, as well as the area where he worked. Therefore, he is of the opinion that they were watching him and plotting the robbery for quite a while before they decide to act.

“When I initially saw the video of my dad’s murder online it was really shocking to me and I was speechless at first. He was waiting until he was 60 so that he could officially retire and receive his full government pension and social security benefit; that was his intent,” commented Olivera Jr.

Police say that over the weekend they recovered several pieces of clothing in the Bradley’s Bank area of San Ignacio Town that are believed to have been used by one of the robbers. Additionally, they confirmed that several persons are being sought in connection to the murder.

Olivera will be buried in Santa Elena Town over the weekend. He was the father of three.

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