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UDP Remove Patrick Faber From Central Executive

The Chairman of the United Democratic Party, Micheal Peyrefitte, is at this hour planning to meet with the media shortly in an effort to discuss the party’s latest decision to remove the Hon Patrick Faber from the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC).

Faber was issued a letter, dated today, August 15th, 2022, which was signed by Peyrefitte and which reads, ‘’This letter serves as a notice of your immediate removal from the Central Executive Committee for failure to comply with the CEC’s request and adhere to the Party Constitution.’’

In the letter, Peyrefitte informed Faber that the decision to remove him from the post came following an electronic meeting among the Central Executive Committee on August 10th. At that meeting, Peyrefitte said that the committee voted electronically to remove Faber if he did not remove several Facebook posts that he shared on his personal Facebook Page in which he ‘’repeatedly attacked the party and its members.’’

The letter went on to remind Faber that despite the passing of the motion as well as the fact that he was notified, "You still have not complied with the CEC’s insistence that your public attacks of the Party and its members be removed from your official Facebook immediately. In fact, you posted another public attack on the Party and its members on August 13th."

The latest saga within the UDP speaks of the deep internal divide that continues to fester and comes only days after Faber launched an attack on Party Leader Moses "Shyne" Barrow. In a personal Facebook post, Faber commented, "[Party Leader], I don’t appreciate your threats and those of your violent criminal circle. I am not now or not ever a PUP. All who demand you do things according to the constitution and don’t agree with your wrong ways are not PUP! I am not for sale, so don’t bet on me."

In a similar fashion, UDP member Delroy Cutkelvin was also removed from the UDP earlier this month for reportedly airing and publishing political commercials against the UDP and its leader. In his case, Cutkelvin was expelled from the party for one year.

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