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WesternDiaries Partners with Belize Camping Experience to Offer Free Camps for Kids and Youth

In an exciting collaboration, the Belize Camping Experience, led by Alexander Perez, has joined forces with Western Diaries to provide free camps for children and youth this year. The initiative aims to create memorable experiences while fostering leadership skills and personal growth.

The collaboration takes place on June 1st, when Western Diaries will generously donate 50 cents for every scoop of ice cream sold nationwide. These funds will directly support the five-day camps, which cater to two distinct age groups: children aged 2 to 15 and youth aged 15 to 24. Participants from the city and surrounding villages are eligible to attend.

Both camps emphasize leadership development and offer a diverse range of activities, including water games, sports, arts and crafts, and dramatic performances. With 13 camps available for kids and 7 camps for youths across the country, the initiative aims to reach as many young Belizeans as possible.

Alexander Perez, founder of the Belize Camping Experience, expressed his gratitude for the partnership. “We partner with clubs, schools, and churches to select participants,” Perez stated. “Our camps are open to all cultures and Christian denominations.”

The collaboration between WesternDiaries and the Belize Camping Experience ensures that less fortunate children and youth can enjoy the camping adventure without financial barriers. By investing in these young minds, both organizations contribute to a brighter future for Belize.

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