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Belize to Taiwan: 'We're still with you!'

"The Government of Belize declares its continued recognition of the Republic of China (Taiwan) as a sovereign and independent nation," a mid-evening Government press release stated today.

The expression of support comes after yet another country, Honduras, has indicated that they will break ties with Taiwan and will shift its allegiance to mainland China.

Honduras's President Xiomara Castro announced via Twitter that she had instructed her foreign minister to "manage the opening of official relations with the People's Republic of China." In her tweet, Castro added that this is a sign of her determination to fulfill the Government's plan."

Honduras is one of the eight countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that maintains diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Therefore, this latest announcement will likely be another blow to the Taiwanese government, which has been losing steady support over the last few years.

The Taiwanese government has, for its part, issued a release cautioning the Castro administration against cutting ties. The Taiwan government's release states:

"Regarding the announcement of the development of official relations with China by the President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received information and has expressed serious concerns to the [Honduran] government. Our country has made it clear ... that Taiwan is a sincere and reliable cooperative partner of allies. ...[Do] not fall into China's trap and make wrong decisions that damage the long-term friendship."

The Belize government's statement also fits into a backdrop that includes the continued tense relations between China and Taiwan.

The Government of Belize's release added: "Belize and Taiwan will work to strengthen their cordial bilateral relations based on shared values, the respect for the rule of law, democracy and human rights, and mutual interests. Belize believes that on the basis of self-determination, the people of Taiwan should be recognized as an independent country with full membership in international organizations."

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