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Stolen Boat Recovered Behind Nova Shrimp Farm in Ladyville Village

In a dramatic turn of events, a stolen boat belonging to Stake Bank has been found at the seafront in Ladyville Village, concealed behind the Nova Shrimp Farm. The recovery follows a brazen theft that occurred on June 6th.

Security guards Roman Petzold and Kareem York recounted the experience to law enforcement authorities. According to their statements, at approximately 11 o'clock last night, while conducting routine patrols within the compound, they were suddenly ambushed by a group of four assailants, one of whom brandished a firearm. The guards were swiftly subdued, forced to the ground, and bound by the thieves, who then absconded with a Colombian vessel belonging to Stake Bank. Fortunately, Petzold and York remained unhurt.

Authorities have launched a thorough investigation into the incident, aiming to apprehend the men. The recovery of the stolen boat behind Nova Shrimp Farm marks a breakthrough in the case, providing law enforcement officials with vital leads as they work to unravel the theft.

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